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Q & A

Who are the photographers?

Our first shooter is Leo with over eleven years experience. He is our "fashion" guru and photography perfectionist! With his artistic eye and technical knowledge, Leo definitely delivers the goods! Second shooter is Audrey with almost six years experience. This is the gal that rolls around on the floor to get those unique angles not mention the one you want in the room with you and the gals as you prepare for the big day. Between the two of us is where the magic happens. Not to mention it is great to be in two place at once

Do you only offer wedding packages or can I build one to suit my needs?

Not only do we offer wedding packages that deliver, but we understand that sometimes one size does not fit all. That is definitely true with weddings. Every couple is different, every wedding is different. So what is right for one bride may not be for the next. We are as customizable as your wedding day. If it is about a budget, tell us about your day, your budget, your must-haves and your wants and we will customize the right package for your day.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. After your deposit of 25%, you need only pay 75% prior to the wedding (less the amount of the deposit). That is possible with the aide of two different available payment plans. Payment plan one: 75% contract (less applied deposit) due 90 days prior to wedding day. Payment plan two: 75% contract (less applied deposit) drafts in equal monthly increments with the last of said payments drafting 30 days prior to wedding day. Once we have finalized all editing and any design on contract the final 25% is due at that time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, and any major credit card.

How many photos will I get from my wedding day?

That really depends on your package. To give you an idea, a small wedding with only two photographer can yield between 600-1200 shots. You do not see ALL of them. We carefully narrow down the best of best that tell your story. That includes narrowing down those group and action shots where someone is bound to have one eye closed in mid-speak (not pretty)!

How many of my finished photos will be edited and artiscally enhanced?

Unlike many of our colleagues, we choose to edit and artiscally enhanced all of your final photos with simple to complex graphic design elements in EACH one! That is right every single one: rather that is 500 or 1500.

How does an hourly wedding work?

Let's say you know you only want ceremony a bit of formals and the important stuff from the reception (cake cut, garter & bouquet toss, etc.) You looked at your timeline and are certain you can fit it in to 4 hours. So you choose our hourly option. The day arrives, maybe things don't go quite according to plan. Don't worry! We won't leave you high and dry just because our clock ran out! Your photographer will let you know once you have about half an hour left. If you then look at your list and realize you need another hour or more, just say the word! Whatever you went over can simply be billed to the credit card on file that way you don't have to worry about missing anything special.

How soon will I get my gallery password for my finished wedding photos?

At this time, we must again stress that we edit EVERY photo you see! Completion varies per wedding. But here is a good average: For two photographers, 5 hours of wedding day photography expect roughly 4-8 weeks during off peak seasons. For two photographers, 10 hours wedding day coverage expect roughly 5-9 weeks of edit time. Sometimes the planets align and we finish earlier than expect, but every so often, especially in peak months our average is dead on. In rare cases, we may notify you in the event that additional time becomes necessary. But it is certainly worth the wait!

What should we for our engagement session?

Gone are the days of matching shirts and jeans! Don't do it unless you really, really want to! First thing to remember is that an Engagement Session is a window into your relationship for the rest of us romance sapps! Second thing to remember, don't wear something that isn't you or isn't comfortable. Photographers don't want grouchy couples if avoidable. Third thing to remember, compliment each other without cloning each other! If you want to wear a flashy sassy blouse with lots of colors, by all means, go for it. Just don't make him wear something similar or it will clash. Instead pick a color from the pattern of your blouse for his shirt. Jeans are great and with those added tips above, the colors really pop for editing. Bring an extra change of clothes if you want some dressier shots. If you have a killer pair of heels but we are doing a session in "timbuktu" still bring some comfy shoes for the in-between. And last but certainly not least: Have FUN!!!

What should I bring to my bridal session?

Many of our brides want to or feel it important to bring along their mom or mother-figure (aunt, grandma). That is fine. But we strongly suggest also bringing along your Maid of Honor. She will need to become the Queen of bustling or un-bustling your dress. Think of it is a practice run for the big day.

Also, we all live in or near San Antonio. This means we have summer practically 9 months out of the year! With that in mind (and how heavy wedding dress can sometimes be), please pack a small cooler with ice cold water. Bring a battery-powered handheld fan (for those breeze-less days) or an old school one. And a shout-out is in order for a couple of our ingenius brides who brought along discreet cooling patches!

With the heat in mind (as if you need a reminder) this brings us to: make-up! We strongly advise airbrush make-up. Not only does it edit beautifully but it does sweat off the way regular make-up will. It is worth the investment, ladies!

What is First Look photography?

The best way to describe First Look photography is an intimate mini-session just before your wedding with just the bride and groom before the guests arrive and just after getting all dolled up. And it is exactly that, your first look at each other right before you take those vows to be forever bound to one another. Some couples have told me that being able to see their soul-mate before everything kicks off was a wonderful way to stave off the nerves. This session is not for everyone, especially if the groom is not allowed to see you. Although, just thought it should be mentioned, there are always blindfolds!

Do you only shoot weddings?

Of course not! We are addicted to what we do and enjoy every aspect of photography. From maternity to newborn, quinces to seniors, or families to model portfolios, we've got you covered!

Baby sessions: What do I need to know?

First things first: We are all on baby's schedule. That is why we allot 3 full hours to a newborn session. Simple tricks to great photos: warm up the house to between 83 & 87 degrees and of course feed baby when (s)he's hungry. Typically, we will not schedule any other sessions on the same day as a newborn session, so don't worry about the time. (Three hours is usually more than enough time, though).

Have your baby props ready: hats, flowers, blankets, embroidered diapers, you get the idea. Give mom some time for herself before the session as well.

What to know about our products

Prints: Our prints come in four different textures (lustre, pebble,linen, & metallic)

Press Printed Products: We have a vast variety of press printed products to offer, such as calendars, greeting cards, bookmarks, playing cards, and the list goes on.

Photo Books: Our photo albums are all lay flat, so that we can play with some of those panoramic images. Covers are your choice of leatherettes, fabrics or a custom designed photo cover.

Photo Albums: We carry several to choose from. Among our most popular: the Mosaic (cover in exquisite leather combinations), the Tuscany (cover in premium leather with cameo and embossing options), Echo (custom design photo covers). All of our albums feature the extremely tight 1mm gutter for a flawless flow from page to page.

Fine Art Products: Among our Fine Art products is the ever so popular Canvas Gallery Wrap (available in collections as well), not to overshadow the Metal Prints (available in split image designs in addition to float mounted styles) and custom framed prints

Just For Fun: Puzzles, mouse pads, coasters, keychains & jewelry